Tuesday, January 17, 2012

dear lettuce...

not to be competitive or anything..

but jen's plants are growing really tall so if you won't mind, could you get moving? its getting a little embarrassing the way we have fussed around with the optimal amount of sun & right temperature of water. oh! not forgetting the recommended daily singing..

plus you'd make a really good salad...
just sayin'

kind regards,
your hopeful parents & very inquisitive brother


  1. hahahah... perhaps the 'very inquisitive brother' is giving it performance anxiety :)

  2. you might be the queen of crafts, but i iz da masta of gleen tumbz!!*haaiya!* (my mom's a horticulturalist). heh.

    not sure what variety you've got. generally, lettuce seeds are not deep rooted. they grow juuust below the surface of soil. they shouldn't be on the surface either cause they die from exposure.

    they're actually quite easy to grow!! just hang in there. once they start to shoot, you won't be able to catch up on harvesting!! good luck though poppet!! ;)

  3. So sweet! I expect they're a bit shy - keep up the singing! :)

  4. @kennytricia sneaking suspicion he tampered with the seedlings! He is a little too enthusiastic! ;)

  5. @Mrs. Exeter hahah I just want to prove that we're good parents soooo bad!! ;(

  6. Awwww!!! Don't worry, I'm sure it'll start shooting up very quickly! Once it starts it does it very suddenly and quickly :)

    I am awful with house plants, but even the most seasoned plant murderer (thats me) can harvest a nice crop of veggies from our veg patch in our back garden!

  7. Haha Maybe muu might have gotten too inquisitive! I think it might be the really strong sun in our apt. Shall I send u more pictures of our progress?! :p *maniacal laugh*

  8. @Jian

    gsmbarre-masu!! :) i'll be a little more patient and check on it religiously!


  9. @Jen

    booo.. we interrogated muu and he didn't maintain eye contact so i think its him!!

  10. C'mon lettuce~~ reach for the sky!!!

  11. yay! ganbatte!!! i hope you get fresh lettuce real soon!! gardening is so much fun!!


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