Wednesday, January 11, 2012


i've been tagged by chewy from elephantislove. chewy and i go way back to junior college in singapore! ever since, we've not been in the same country since forever! she most recently moved to usa and has a cute little etsy store. she loves crafts, gardening and has a pet dragon.. (i kid you not!!) she is cute as a button and her smile lights up the room!!

:: the tagged rules are as follows:

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2. you must post 11 random things yourself.
3. answer the ques­tions the tag­ger set for you in their post.
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:: the 11 questions from elephantislove:

one - is there a significance behind your name?
i wrote about it here but in short my name is a little sparkley white flower.

two - your favorite color / color combination? 
my longtime love - pink. i love it with greens, blues, black, grey and white.

three - favorite thing you do to de-stress?
i snuggle with my mister. if he's at work, then muu is the next best thing! sometimes i craft or scrub the house clean. but sometimes that's a source of stress too. life's complicated like that.

four - what is your motto in life?

five - what is your next upcoming (exciting) project?

six - describe your fashion style?
i love wearing twirly soft tutus.

seven - coffee or tea?
tea, most definitely. i have an ever-growing collection of fancy teas in my pantry! my current favorite is peach melba that i received from my mother in law. it makes me think of the warm and toasty christmas we spent in melbourne a few years ago. such a lovely memory..

eight - all time favorite movie?
notebook. it reminds me of a good kind of love.

nine - what music do you listen to?
i love jazz, classical, pop, anything you can sing or dance to 
and i love it when the mister plays on the guitar.

ten - do you prefer living in a house or an apartment?
apartment. less to clean.

eleven - what is your dream vacation?
one with all my favorite people. its really the company not the place. this picture was taken on our roadtrip to yarra valley (?) after our wedding with our friends. one of the shortest and easiest trip ever. we rolled up in our people-mover, poked our noses at the native animals, had icecream float on milk and played dirty scrabble. best vacation ever.

i tag:: 

my questions (from matchbook mag) ::
tea or coffee? 
i collect... 
favorite city?
spring or fall?
bloom of choice?
style icon? 
im lusting after...
most prized possession?
boy crush?
on weekend...

drop me a comment if you've done this! i'd love to read your answers! :) 



  1. love your motto in life! totally second that, count your blessings everyday ;)

    and,i LOL-ed when i saw your reply to an apartment or house! practical answer, guess only domestic goddesses will empathize :D

  2. Yay! thanks for playing along!!

    i think i knew about 5 out of 11 questions i asked about you! heh.

  3. Yes M'am! Will get down to this soon once I'm recovered from.. food poisoning -_- Yes. sick once again! Arggghhh!

  4. @punkychewster

    i was just about to drop a note to let you know i did it!! and for once... followed the rules... :)

  5. @ladytricia

    totally right!? if you get my permanent domestic help i will consider a bigger house and yard! but till then, im busy enough busting dust everyday!! :)


  6. @Andrea

    wahhhtttttt why!? poor muffin! what are you down with this time round!!

  7. Hello - this is fun! I love the picture of you and Muu and the lovely one of you in your tutu with the doggies! So cute! xxx

  8. your dog is the CUTEST thing ever! :)

  9. I am so glad I found your blog! It is lovely!! :) I looove those nails, you inspired me to get off my butt and fix mine, lol.

  10. Nice to get to know you a little better and wow.. so cool that your mom blogs :)

  11. @Mrs. Exeter thanks hon! ;) I love that pikkie with my family dogs! Felt like a long time ago though! That's all pre-musashi!! Heehee!

  12. @Bridg thanks on behalf of him! Wait till he wants a treat or favor.. He switches on his puppy dog eyes!! He's spoilt silly!!

  13. @Brianna aren't those cute?! I aim to take better care of my nails and hair this year!!

  14. @Lady J lol did you read her posts?! She cracks me up all the time!! ;) but that being said, it's a good channel for her to practice English!! ;)

  15. i squealed when i noticed your mum blogged as well !! haHahah!! that is just too wikkid :P

    ohmagosh. thank you so much for tagging me. i actually had loads of fun doing it! i've only just posted the reply on my blog :D

    btw, is that you (top photo on the extreme left) ? you look 12 in that photo. whooaaa. you don't look your age now either. thank heavens we're blessed with good genes hey? *sniggers* fist buuump!

  16. @guerrrilla

    she is hilarious! :) i just read your response!! you're tooooo cute!!

    wish i could drop you a note each time i like something on your site. but i risk sounding like a stalker! :)

    p.s. i was really bugged with my bad teeth back then but *asian genes fist bump* :)

  17. Lovely post! And I think your life motto explains it all to the tee. And speaking of tea, I'm definitely more of a tea drinker than a coffee one. ^^

  18. I love it , will try hard to do later!

  19. @tiffyama

    my brothers think that tea sipping is a sign of old age! haha! :)

  20. Sorry I'm a slow coach! Will get to it over the weekend, haha! Will drop you an email then too!

  21. @Yi Lian

    take your time! its meant to be a fun thing anyway!! no biggie!!



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