Thursday, January 12, 2012

let talk about (a blog about) love...

i am always reading blogs (obsessed would be the right word) and finding new gems but this one i've had a crush on for ages. 

written by mara & danny kofoed, who coincidentally look super cute together.
and she has some fabulous hair too!

the blog is about dating, marriage, divorce, infertility, fabulous hair tips and most of all... love
i melted reading their love letters when they were dating! (felt a little bit like a voyeur initially...). it helps that they are living in my favorite city ever too..

 some people talk about bleak things like how romance and love dies when you get married, but they paint such a positive picture about marriage and life. 
im all mush and tingley after reading their heartfelt posts.

hope you enjoy the read too!



  1. Awww!
    But you know, your blog is kind of similar :) You have made me less skeptical about marriage!

  2. its a lovely blog
    thank u for the intro

    p.s we should go sewing together one day!

  3. Reading your log helps me to look at the bright side and find happiness in the little things! Thanks for being my inspiration =)

    Sze Wei

  4. @Ms.Godzilla

    awww thats the sweetest comment ever! thanks so much!! :)

    super duper big hugs!!!


  5. @Yumeko

    yayy im glad you liked it too

    sewing sounds fun! :) im in shinjuku ku and work in roppongi! are you in the hood?


  6. @Anonymous

    hi sze wei,

    you're too kind but im glad to hear!

    sending warm flurries of hugs your way!


  7. Looks great..i've bookmarked this for checking out later!

  8. i love finding new blog reads, i'll have to check your recommendation out :)


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