Tuesday, December 27, 2011

revisiting my resolutions from this year...

i had a great time putting together a massive blog-post on my year in review last year, so gonna try to do one this year again and set new resolutions! but before that i owe it to myself to check out the ones i set at the start of this year! so here goes::

1 - "... this year, i resolve to celebrate big events and little adventures..." - done!
2 - try something new - done! still working on new food options! but new friends - done!
3 - more sophisticated stitches - done! work in progress.. next year i wanna keep creating cool stuff.
4 - streamlined daily goals - fail. will keep working on this.
5 - save 5 million yen by june - tick. no clue where it went after june.. :P

overall  - winner! 

and i know that people always say don't life life with regrets! i have a problem with that. i think "if only i could have..." and "i should have..." a lot. so here are my top regrets this year ::

1 - not attending my friend, chanilyn's beach wedding. (we had just relocated to japan then)
2 - missing out on giving my first wedding speech at our friends rachel & suman wedding. (we were in the middle of nuclear crisis & chose to stay)
3 - not learning japanese 
4 - not saying "no" enough to people

the first two still makes me cry a little... oh bummer.
but i resolve to do better next year.

how did you go on your resolutions?



  1. Sometimes things get in the way, and regretting them will not help. I am sure your friends understood that you wanted to be there :) And hey, you can always give the wedding speech in the middle of a regular get-together ;p

  2. @Ms.Godzilla

    that's such a cute idea! next time i see them i'll do that! :)

    hope you had a lovely christmas!


  3. You did great this year especially considering everything that happened! You guys go out, explore, and travel so much. You are really living it up in Tokyo & have more energy than anyone else I know! Plus you gave such a loving home to little muu beans. I can't believe I've known you for a year already! If nothing else, you saved me!! Life wouldn't be the same if I didn't meet you! xoxo

  4. @ohmyomiyage

    awww that's the sweetest thing to say ever!! :) funny thing is, my mother in law just said the same thing about you! :)


  5. I don't really remember my resolutions...but one of them was to cook more, and I think I kind of accomplished that one. ^^

    I have some regrets as well, and I think one of them would be saying "no" to more people too. >< We can still try again for the upcoming year. ganbatte!!

  6. babe, get back on that japanese learning bandwagon! both you and jen!

  7. @tiffyama

    definitely! i received a classic emily post book of etiquette! so im going to attempt that with gusto!

  8. @E. Kay

    jen's going to give it a go. i gave up on day one! :) i figured we should spread our resources better!! she'll take care of me!



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