Wednesday, December 28, 2011

brunch at park hyatt tokyo

daniel treated us to a classic christmas brunch at park hyatt for christmas morning. he heard wonderful things about their weekend brunch especially their dessert buffet and what better time than christmas to give it a go! 

they had some christmas special menu for the occasion and dressed up the restaurant a little with baubles.. it was all very fun and festive!

can't say no to christmas bubblies!

wearing my chrissy present from my brother

the appetizer was buffet and we got to pick an entree from their menu! daniel's venison was deliciously tender and juicy! i went with turkey which was also amazingly yummy! 

but i was saving up for THIS craziness!!

hey mum!
after the entree, we were ushered to the piano lounge for coffee and dessert. they had a lovely piano duo in the background, such a lovely touch to our meal. the view from the 52nd floor was breathtaking!

and the dessert was to die for. they kept bringing new desserts out! 
this was when i gave in and decided that dieting will have to wait!!!

cake pops were soooo yummy and moist!

the concrete jungle we live in...

the in-laws!

still crazily stuffed just looking at these pictures!

i'd definitely recommend it! but be sure to make reservations in advance! they're notoriously popular even on regular weekends!
thanks for reading!!


  1. aww your mother in law is so cute!! and the dessert looks yummy :)

  2. @ohmyomiyage

    i imagine the canape party to be much better than this! :) gambatte kudasai! :)

  3. What a lovely brunch!! The food looks amazing and this place sounds amazing! :]

  4. Oh my, this looks too lovely for words!

  5. i haven't had brunch at the park hyatt but the grand hyatt brunch was pretty epic. you guys look fantastic!

  6. We stayed at the Park Hyatt when we were in Tokyo last year and it was lovely. Didn't get a chance to try the food there though coz we were too busy exploring the city.

  7. hahaha you're using so much Japanese now a days!

  8. @tiffyama

    it was wonderful! :) i love leisurely brunches on weekends!!

    you would have loved it too!

  9. @E. Kay

    oooo another one on our list to try! :) this one was cool cos of the movie! we're goofy like that! :)

  10. @Erica

    it much be such a lovely hotel is live in! the views must have been spectacular! it was our first time visiting and we were so smitten! :)


  11. @ohmyomiyage

    "ii, neh!" not really... all 5 of my standard japanese words!

  12. Totally drooling at those decadent desserts now.... What a lovely way to start Chrissy morning! ;)

  13. @Pamz TT

    i wanna host dessert parties in my home every sunday! :) that would be so much fun!


  14. great to see it on you and glad u liked it!


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