Friday, December 30, 2011

letter from doggie:: twenty five

hello everybody!? 

how was your christmas?

i know mami says i should get over it already because it almost new year but this year was EPIC!! :) i had soo many pressies even my aunties from singapore sent me some!! (thank you!! i loved them!)
my daddy got a little jealous.

i got dressed in my happi (traditional japanese festival) early in the morning and everyone was buzzing around the house!

then it was my turn and i picked the BIGGEST one!

so big i needed help opening!!

guess what!? mami & papi got me a brand new pen!!

 i was so shell-shocked with all the gifts i didn't know where to start so i hid in my new pen for the whole morning looking like this!! i might have wept some happy tears too!

christmas is the BEST!!
hope you were thoroughly spoilt by your folks 
and shared the holiday smothered in kisses and hugs!

gotta run! we're off to an early new year celebration!! weeheee!
happy new year, guys! 
hope to see more of you next year!! 



  1. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! :D Glad you have sooooo many presents, you must have been really good this year!

  2. Too cute! =) hope Musashi will be revealing his others pressies soon! All Rusty got was a discarded toilet roll to play with...oops

  3. @April

    muu:: thanks for asking. i was so very well behaved. especially during christmas weeks. i camped out near my grandparents feet and vacuumed their crumbs!!

    i was very hardworking!

  4. @fernoftheforest

    hahaha!! he has too many! im sure they will make an appearance soon! :)

    discarded toilet rolls are the best toys!

  5. Hi girlie.. How super CUTE.. I LOVE It.I wanted to stop in and say THANKS for being a great bloggy bff this year. Wishing you the HAPPIEST of NEW Year's.. Cheers to more creativity, fun and success.. HAPPY NEW YEAR.. BIG HUGS.. xoxo.. Marilyn..

  6. @Marilyn

    hi marilyn! :) happy new year too!! here's to more fun next year! *hugs*

  7. oh my gosh muu's face in that last picture is priceless! LOVE!

  8. @punkychewster

    muu:: auntie chewy! you just have to come visit me! i just got a huge bath today and i smell like a honeybeeee!!!


  9. Loving your letters from Muu series.. I should start one too for my goldie Sparky when I return back to Singers :)

  10. @Lady J

    you definitely should! when will you go home? :)

  11. oh my goodness! ur pup is so cute!!!! :)


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