Thursday, December 29, 2011

christmas dinner party:: dinner in paris

after receiving the much-coveted invitation from chef daniel, jen came up with a few christmas concepts. many emails later, we picked "christmas in paris" theme, inspired by the french dinner prepared by the chef with a touch of red... 

well, it turned out to be a lot of red and a little less of paris. 

ooh la la!! 

clean black and white menu cards & place cards

hard at work... 

beautiful centerpieces with a sprinkle of diamonds... 

wanna know a little secret? they are handmade by jen!! she's gonna post up a tute this week! 
i'll linky up when she is done!

but don't let us distract you with the decor. 
the true star of the evening... 

... was the amazing food.

everything intricately presented and conceptualized by chef daniel..

broiled garlic crumbed oysters.. super yums..

duck tortelloni (mega tortellinis) in truffle broth made from scratch!!

a selection of goat cheeses...

and a gooey yummy chocolate fondant with eggnog sabayon to finished off the meal.
(and the husband "made" this so this is extra special too!)

out of this world yumminess.

chef daniel & yichin

daniel called me "小姐" (chinese for waitress!!) the entire evening.
the boys kinda thought the decor was more chinese than paris...
 which we're obviously very indignant about.

which came to mind first? 
 chinese new year or contemporary christmas chic??
(p.s. choose very carefully. daniel has been sleeping on the couch for the past few days...) 



  1. Your dinner parties are gorgeous, so jealous!

  2. At first I thought Chef Daniel was Daniel daniel and I was like, "wahhh!!!" but I guess not? If not, I'll fly back to Tokyo and pay him to cook me a meal, hahaha

  3. LOL! Can we just agree on 'fusion'? ;)

    I am lustily looking at Daniel's camera. My BIL is a huuuge camera buff (he's been taking all the fab pics on my blog lately), they would get along so well!

  4. @Ms.Godzilla

    thanks so much! glad you think so! we were mighty proud! it helps to have like-minded people fussing around various elements of dinner parties!

  5. @Yi Lian

    hahah! sorry no such luck! that daniel is my co-worker!!

    my daniel was in charge of photography and aerial decorations (ie lanterns) :)


  6. @Beverly!

    i like that! - fusion! wow! he takes awesome pictures!! what does he use??

  7. paper lanterns = chinese new year. sorry babe, siding with your hubs this time.

  8. that being said, lovely party! love that my girls are so talented!

  9. @E. Kay

    seriously!? :( yikes! we were going for a martha stewart sharp and chic look! bah!

  10. Your dinner parties are so lovely.. All these details put in make for a wonderful evening :)

  11. @Lady J

    i love theming parties! and how lucky that i found a team of equally creative friends to plan themed events with!! :)

    i wished i was more talented in the kitchen though!


  12. The food looks amazing and the deco very chic... :)

  13. @Yingjie

    and i have very talented friends! :) hehe.. i hardly did anything!

  14. omg the cooking looks so pro... and i thought it was your daniel that put it tog too!

    unfortunately, i'll have to go with D... but seriously, u girls put in so much work for these dinner parties!

  15. @kennytricia

    no i wished!! he cooks fabulously too but nothing too fancy like this!

    i guess on the upside we can reuse the lanterns for chinese new year!?

  16. Your dinner party is looking really awesome. The ideas for favors are simply great. Just loved the centerpiece. Want to throw a dinner party at Venues in San Francisco. Have to make best arrangements for the day. Hope will be able to organize amazing party.


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