Saturday, December 17, 2011

fall leaves

in japan, autumn leaves (koyo) are just as popular as cherry blossom season. people take road trips to special koyo spots to view autumn leaves and enjoy last bit of sunshine before winter hits. i really enjoy these little nature-inspired festivals. we travelled to nikko last year!!

here are some pictures from this year taken by my husband who woke up at the crack of dawn to capture these images!

this is near gaienmae. he cycles past here everyday to get to work!

tree-lined paths are so romantic.
in summer, we pack picnic boxes and meet him here at lunchtime!

musashi loves running in the crunchy fall leaves.. 

favorite part in fall - bundled up with these cuties! :)

we're totally geared up for a wintry christmas..
hope it snows!!



  1. Such beautiful photos!! A snowy Christmas, such a world away from here. Merry Christmas love x

  2. @Helen indeed!! ;) I can't decide which one I enjoy more! A barbecue and roast ham or snow and a hot bowl of ramen!!

    Missing you lots!! Xx

  3. I went there, but there were a loooot more people!

  4. Pretty... N muu look uber smart in his knit sweater :)

  5. @Ms.Godzilla

    gotta go at 6am! :) there were a while bunch of painting ladies when we went for lunch! so cute! they brought their little stools and painting sets!!

  6. These are stunning completely frame-worthy pictures! Merry Christmas and happy hols from a very wet and rainy Singapore! xx

  7. @olimomok

    That's a fantastic idea actually! never though of that! :)

    Merry Chrissy to your family, love!!


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