Friday, December 16, 2011

christmas cards:: do or don't

we are possibly the only ones in my friends that sends out christmas cards! back in the school days, it was the rage! i'd save up all my pennies to buy box-sets from marks & spencer cos they would have the cutest prints & most glitter. (which in my world, is of utmost importance. most glitter = win)

but in recent years, i've noticed a little trend. the number of cards we received from our peers decrease significantly after marriage. then the moment they start popping kids, we start getting them in the mail again... i wonder why!?

this year, we received an early card from our friend in nyc! and tucked in the card was this interesting card-size ornament! how clever!!

we decided to make it our tree topper this year! :)

how about you? 
do you still do christmas cards? 


  1. wow.. look like u got yourself real fir too?

  2. I got the cutest card in my mail last night!!! Thank you love. I'm not big on Christmas cards in terms of action but every year I have huge intentions on doing it. :( SO much so I have so many beautiful empty Xmas cards waiting to be written in my stationery stash... But I'll kick my own ass into it this year!!!

  3. @Yi Lian

    you diddddd//!?!?! ;) yayyY! :) you sent a really cute one last year.. even tho it was 6 months late its the thought that counts!!

    merry christmas lovey! :)

  4. HAHAHA, 6 months too late. That was epic. But I, erm, delivered it myself??? :P

    What print was it? Wanna make sure it's a different one this year!! Promise it won't be more than one month late k... *embarrassed smile*

  5. @Yi Lian

    hahhaha!! :) it was silver with doggie!! i love it tho. and really la! its the thought that counts!!!


  6. Gone are the days of sending Christmas cards! I used to display the cards around my parents place! Or in the tree!
    These days with SMS, emails and what not... It's has become a more convenient (or some might say.. Lazy) way of sending love and wishes!
    There's a love-hate relationship with technology

  7. i LOVE receiving anything thru "snail mail"!!! as much as i enjoy sending them. heh :P

    i recently find myself feeling "down" when my b-day comes around. its not just about getting older, but with facebook, no one ever sends b-day cards anymore ya know?

    when they do, you can't help thinking "wow!! they went thru all that trouble of mailing this to me just to let me know they're thinking of me (and that they genuinely remember) my actual birthday!!"

    wish i had more folks to send birthday/ xmas/ hari raya card to. bring back analogue mail please!!

  8. @JaniceMe too! ;) but miss the handwritten notes a little so I always try to send out Christmas cards! One day I'd be organized enough to send birthday cards too!!


  9. @guerrrilla oh
    mg.. hi five! And little trinkets in the mail to say hello and just because is so nice!! ;)

    I hope my pals enjoy receiving my crap as much as I love putting it together for them! ;)

  10. I like that ornament idea A LOT!

    I dont' send them for Christmas, I send cards for New Year's. I like to think people enjoy a little surprise getting cards after Christmas. But it's hard to find new Year's cards.

  11. @Sparkling

    in japan its the opposite! they're all about their new year cards! its extremely pricey to buy christmas ones!!

    so we printed ours online!! :)

  12. Found your blog through a BlogHer linkup! :)

    We send out Christmas cards... Well this is our first, (its a newly wed Christmas for us) but I have every intention of sending one out every year from here on out! :)

  13. @yours truly, melissa

    welcome to my blog! :) its a fun tradition to keep, isn't it! :)


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