Thursday, November 10, 2011

tokyo eats:: curry up

one of the things that tickles me about english in japan is the use of the word "up!. i started picking up cute words like "price up!" "power up!" & "speed up!"... although the last one sounds quite right. so i was amused when the husband read about this cnn recommended "must-go" curry house  by the name of "curry up!"

due to miscalculated timing, i was ravenously hungry on route to our favorite gyoza place in harajuku. and for those who know me, im charming until i get hungry or tired. so when the husband suggested a pit stop at "curry up". i thought it was the best idea ever!

such an adorable little place. with both dine-in and take-away option.

the interior is very chic with cute little touches. like the chef in a turban, and these vintage low hanging lights. its not a very big restaurant which explains why there are always long queues outside but we got lucky and were seated immediately! i immediately noticed that everyone dining there was dressed so stylishly and there wasn't the usual overwhelming grease and food smell in a typical indian restaurant.
already a winner...

the menu was simple (and in english!!) so we opted for combination platters of vegetable curries with our choice of butter chicken curry, keema curry, spicy beef curry, saag curry, brinjal eggplant curry, spinach curry.

daniel's small combination butter chicken platter with beer.
my keema curry combination platter with mango lassi.

not the typical sweet japanese curry we expected and actually quite similar to the indian curries we enjoyed back home! it needed an extra kick of chilli which was easily solved because they served powdered spice on the side as well. and easy and fun fix when we miss indian food! 

we'd definitely be back!

restaurant:: curry up
address:: 1 - 35 - 9 - 105 jinggumae, shibuya-ku
nearest station :: jr harajuku station


  1. Oh how fun! I love it when a restaurant brings good, unexpected surprises! I miss japan and definitely hope to visit again soon (especially since our friend now lives there, yay!)

    Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comment. Your blog is so lovely and I hope we see each other in blog land soon ;)

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. @Chic 'n Cheap Living

    you'll love japan! it's the good land of crafting and awesome fabric! come visit soon! :)


  3. Heehee, totally relate to the being lovely until hungry/tired!

    It's great you can find curry akin to the stuff at home! My parents' niggle about living in Shanghai (they do love it otherwise) was lack of good curryhouses, but they eventually found one and now they're all set!

    The food looks good! And yay for no curry smell in the air. I can't stand the smell in indian restaurants which is why I don't like going to have curries. XD It's the same reason I'm not keen on Korean BBQ!

  4. @Jian

    i know what you mean! indian restaurants and korean bbq, i walk out with hair smelling like food.. yuck!


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