Wednesday, November 9, 2011

happy birthday, daniel!

inspired by rockstar diaries happy lists
here are eleven things that make daniel terribly happy::
  1. compiling immaculate electronic archives
  2. shopping at lululemon for men
  3. eating strawberry shortcake (i claim no credit for this one. promise.)
  4. wearing black everything
  5. finding clothes with thumb-holes in them
  6. having a reason to wear detachable sleeves
  7. running sub - 3.5 hour marathons
  8. using words like "in flagrante delicto" in everyday conversations
  9. buying shaving oils that just might work better than the last
  10. sitting at shinjuku and having strangers tell him that his dog he is "kawaii ne!!"
  11. bike rides with his little family

 we love you so very much, babycakes! we're sooo blessed to have you for the rest of our lives.

p.s. there's no surprise party tonight, promise. just the three of us! xx

zhing & musashi.


  1. Such a cute kid pic of him! Have fun, you guys!

  2. Happy birthday Daniel! Can we combine shipping for our lululemon purchases next time?! Hahahaha

  3. Happy birthday Daniel!!!! :D

    That is soooooo cute! x

  4. @Yi Lian

    definitely! we just saw a whole bunch of lovely ones when we visited australia!

    btw, i think its poseur to wear lululemon and not go to the gym or do yoga (ie. us!) haha..

  5. @kennytricia

    he had a munchkin face and questionable taste in sunglasses! :)

  6. @olimomok

    thanks so much!! we had a fabulous dinner facing the tokyo tower.. insane! :)

  7. @Jian

    thanks honey! just a sneak peak into his life! he is one complex fella!

  8. EH! I yoga k. You speak for yourself. Hahahahahaha

  9. @Yi Lian

    sensitive!!! :) i meant me and daniel! but you made me laugh!! :) xx


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