Wednesday, November 2, 2011

melbourne:: st. ali specialty coffee

we spent some time with the folks driving around town. one of the places daddy brought us to, south melbourne market, was sooo charming! we wove through the rabbit warren of stores in the market and ended up in this awesome interior good stores. where dreams are made of. there were shabby chic furniture, nautical rope knots, weathered alphabets, apothecary jars and porcelain door knobs and wait for it... this totally rad vintage horse rocking chair. i nearly died. 
then daddy brought us around and insisted he took us to his fav. coffee place. 
"papa.. are you sure you know hip and cool places?"

so wrong...

st ali - every coffee enthusiast's mecca.

i was completely smitten by the interior.

relaxed in a grungy cool way, it was tucked in a nondescript building...
great way to spend an afternoon. 

the kitchen with an amazing array of coffee selection.
my yummy cuppa coffee. 
(they seem to have a delish food menu too!)

the fabulous surrounding was just asking for a photo op!!

me & my in-laws.. 

they're all such muffins!!! i love them all. 
and "yes, papa! you're the coolest kid on the block!!"

name:: st ali
address:: 12 - 18 yarra place, south melbourne VIC 3205
tel:: 03 9686 2990 


  1. @kennytricia

    aren't they lovely!? and the best part is how much they love us. incredibly blessed...

  2. @ladytricia

    they are fabulous!! we love hanging out with them so much!


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