Tuesday, November 1, 2011

little snippets of melbourne...

it has been a few weekends since our whirlwind trip back to melbourne. we somewhat ambitiously booked in a 5 day trip down under, only to realize that travelling to melbourne takes one full day each way.. so we were left with a measly 3 day trip!! it was insanity. 

we didn't get to cover very many touristy things but did quick pit stops to our favorite stores & eats!! but this was a somewhat important trip for me. for the first time since we started dating, i finally saw melbourne as a place we could possibly live in one day. i couldn't for the longest time. but i've come round to it. i don't know what changed but it felt different this time round.

here are some random treats around town we enjoyed...

decadent european sweets along st kilda. 
we brought home some vanilla blondies and strawberry tarts.


macarons from brunetti on the go.

pretty lavender from mum's garden in our bedroom.

fun fact:: when i was a little girl, i grew up in melbourne. i don't remember a lot but perhaps if i stayed longer, i would have met daniel in school when we were younger. or maybe i would not have met him at all! funny, huh?



  1. Those treats look yummmy, especially those white cookie things!!! Pertaining to your fun fact, it is strange how things work themselve out isn't it?

  2. There are many lovely photographs! It is beautiful!
    This looks very delicious<3

  3. @akiko hiramatsu

    thank you! :) it was a very sinful trip! i ate way too many sweets!

  4. ah... st kilda is such a lovely street..

    and those lavenders look gorgeous...

  5. what!! you've come around to living in melbourne! what changed??

  6. You grew up in melbourne, hun? Isn't it funny when you look back and see how your paths would've crossed if one thing had been different. =) I miss melbourne so much. xx

  7. @kennytricia

    i love lavender!! i want to bottle up the scent and bring it home all the time! :)

    wish i had more time to spend on st kilda!!

  8. @Jen :)

    no clue!! maybe i grew up! haha! before i was just so concerned about the slow pace of life!! but after japan, it sounds like a nice thing afterall!

    see you later honey!

  9. @Pamz TT

    yeah i did! as a little girl. then my parents panicked when i didn't speak chinese properly! and i came home..

    on hindsight, i never could speak chinese properly anyway! :)

    will you get to go back in the future?

  10. Not in the near future, unfortunately. :) plus, we like to travel and see other parts of the world. But I love loved living there. ESP food and fashion wise. Is Melbourne going to be your permanent base next time?

  11. @Pamz TT

    i don't know! but doesn't seem like that for the moment!! we do have family and our first apartment is there waiting for us to live in...

    but we'll just have to wait and see what happens! :)


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