Friday, November 25, 2011

letters from doggie:: twenty three

last weekend, my folks were moping around a little because they had to clean out mummy's walk-in wardrobe & daddy's studio and turn it into a guestroom again.. as a last hurrah, daddy set up his fancy gear and took some pictures for mummy's crafts...

but how can you have a diva photoshoot and not have muumuu right?

"not sure about my bed-hair.."

"mohawks ain't my thang.."

"muuuuuch better this way!!"

"maybe i should channel my inner sonia rykiel.."

"mummy!!! they're laughing at me..."

"its ok, muu. its hard working being a model.."
"okay.. im just shy now.. "

hope you have some exciting weekend plans! 
we're going to a hotdog, popcorn and movie night..

musashi "superstar" allender


  1. Awww little muu-kun was born to be a star! It's obvious from these snaps! :)

    Love his pom pom, very cute! And awww the mohawk!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend! Hotdog, popcorn and movie sounds like a lovely thing to do!

  2. Love the last picture, the little jacket is too cute!

  3. @Jian

    hope you have a lovely weekend too!

    p.s. i made that for him! yayy! craft win!

  4. @Ms.Godzilla

    thanks hon! :) made that for him! he loves it lots! i feel like a proud momma each time he wears it!



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