Thursday, November 24, 2011

seven things this thursday..

i've been feeling a little frazzled and stressed all week! i think its the onset of year end bonenkais, vacations and christmas related errands. the husband holds me tight and (gently) reminds me that all of this is unnecessary and self-imposed pressure.. i really need to work on that! 

here are a few things this morning that makes me happy...

washi tape as gifts

muu-beans and his collection of winter fuzzies..
uber cute vintage measuring tape from my best friend..

christmas card messiness...

 yummy lined envelopes..

the mess on my couch..

purty shoe boxes..

have a blessed day!


  1. aww i'm sorry that you're still feeling frazzled! did you finish your envelopes? they look fabulous! i can totally help you on those.. or wrapping.. or whatever! bring it all over on sat and we can work on it while watching movies~!

  2. @Yi Lian

    thanks honey! :) better now!! im such an intense person! *sigh*


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