Friday, October 28, 2011

ski season:: what to wear

im a firm believer of what you don't have in skills, you make it up in style. which probably explains why i avoid most sports at all costs. i have zero skills and its really hard to look stylish when you're trying to avoid getting hit by the ball. but i digress...

last ski season, the boys took me up the slopes and got me started on snowboarding. naturally, i am not that fabulous at it yet but with a lot of flailing arms and shrieking, i made it down the hill a few times with no major injuries! and i was sooo pleased! so im committed to work on my snowboards this season.

thing is, i want to look like this while skiing::

mrs beckham on skis

(actually i don't mind looking like this my whole life too..)

or swish like the princess catherine. 

not sure about the metallic silver.. but like this is ok too!!

but the problem is, im not built for cold weather. and neither do i look like a victoria's secret model in my ski suit. and i definitely can't pull off an unzipped-jacket-to-belly-exposing-nothing-but-an-awesome-decolletage look. despite my best efforts, i still look like a awkward pre-teen with a diaper-bum!! so if you see a runny-nose & goggled-face pink blob unglamorously making its way down the japanese mountains, would you kindly wave and say "hey!!" it would really make me feel a lot better!

ski season... bring it on!!!!
(p.s. fashion tips, much appreciated.)




  1. when are u going skiing again? i'll be up in hokkaido in Jan-Feb.. and i do agree with the need to look as hot as VB, cos i always tell the hub...if i dont have the skills... i need to have the style! unfortunately, i dont have the body. so boo!

  2. @Janice

    we'll go whenever we get a weekend free! :) might try to go up to hokkaido over christmas when we have my in-laws in town!!

    yeah... sadly, i also need her waif-thin body to carry it off! :(

  3. Haha. I look more like a tele tubby on the slopes.... Oh well among allt the chic and cute Japanese chicks On the slopes... My style is bleahhhhhhhhh

  4. I have problems finding the perfect snowboarding outfit too. My outfits are often baggy to conceal the thick layers that I put on to keep warm.

    Try the Burton kids one-piece ski outfit.. they look pretty cool but gotta warn you that it's a pain trying to go to the toilet in that outfit!

  5. @Lady J

    burton kids! never thought of checking them out! :) we got some northface (xxs female) pants but looking for outfit #2! thanks for the tips!



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