Friday, October 28, 2011

letters from doggie:: twenty

hey there!!

muu's been super duper busy because daddy got muu-muu a whole bunch of store-bought toys! before this, muu only liked hand-made toys but i'd rip them up so fast the mummy factory couldn't catch up with production. (rip, sanders...) so daddy went to buy muu some!! did you know that toys from the stores can make squeaky noises??? i LOVE!! 

its driving mum a little nuts though. oh well..

did muumuu tell you last week, grandmama from australia gave muumuu a sheep skin rug? she kept it for many many years! daddy used to lie on it when he was a baby in his moses basket and this winter, its muumuu's bed!! soooo cosy. thanks grandmama! :)

and muumuu's other grandma (popo) made me this awesome sailor collar. she and mummy were making some for their etsy when i spotted this cute blue fabric... which i loved!! and i gave them puppy dog eyes all afternoon (see above). and popo felt sorry for me and made me one after mummy went to bed. grandmothers are the BEST!! :)

has a little square back and everything! :) 
if you'd like to wear one like muumuu, you can see mummy's etsy store!!

also, my parents were gonna check me into the pet hotel for the weekend and fly off to bangkok to meet their friends. but since there are floods there now, they canceled their trip. 
which means more cuddle-time!!! 

hope you have plans for cuddles this weekend!
loves you! 

muu-muu beans.


  1. So cute! Hope she's enjoying all her new toys! :)

  2. Aww... love the 2nd pic... handsome handsome...

  3. @kennytriciaThat dirty muffin!! His mouth is the same color as his orange carpet!! Shame!!


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