Wednesday, September 7, 2011

must-haves:: calling card

a while ago, i ordered me some calling cards!!
thought it would be fun to hand them out when i meet people...

they arrived last week & i was sooo excited! 
i even bought a coordinating mt tape for this occasion.. :)

aren't they uber cute!?!?

you can go to their website for more designs and ideas.
(heads up.. check out their current mommy card promotion! expires sep 23)



  1. Ohhh! They're so cute! But kinda ex. :(

  2. @Yi Lian

    the quality is superduper though! :) we're getting our chrissy card from them!


  3. OK! Trust you! I'm getting something now too!

  4. this is cheap compared to the other printing "stores" online. plus the turnaround is pretty fast! and yesss! good quality! where have you been all my life Zhing?!!
    oh maaan. wish i knew this site a month ago.

    your "calling cards" are too darn cute ya know? very you!! teeheehee!!

  5. @kennytricia

    i've been feeling blue this year!! i'd usually choose pink for everything but looking around i seem to have not blues than pinks!! :)

  6. @guerrrilla

    i felt the same way too! i saw some wedding invites i looooved!

    anyhow, there is always christmas cards, thank you cards and personal stationery to order! :)



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