Friday, August 12, 2011

let's talk about crazy weekend plans..

hi darlings, what are you guys going this weekend? 

the allenders are off adventuring again... and guess what? we're going to try climb mount fuji! did your stomach flip a little? cos mine sure did and i've been feeling like a ball of nerves all week because i've never been a very outdoorsy person. i owned my first pair of hiking shoes a week ago, hours after we decided to do it. and oh! since its so close to the climb, i didn't get much training in. and oh! did i mention its urm.. the fuji?

 freakin' tall!!

we were just there in april for cherry blossoms with our family and (miserable looking) dog. and i do remember vaguely agreeing that its one of the "must-do"s in life. kinda in a general sweeping statement kinda way. like bungee jumping (not me), like child-birth (meh!), like marry beckham (hmmm...) and like a shopping spree down champs elysees (hell yeah!!).

but little did i know.. i'd be reminded ever so casually a few months later.
and then convinced over brunch that it had to be THIS weekend!!
and off we went to buy shoes to seal the deal. 
i really shouldn't be surprised huh? since i married a lawyer. 

so we're doing it. we're leaving the miserable looking dog at home
cos there's no way im going to let a little dog kick my ass at climbing mountains.
and hopefully be home by noon tomorrow.

i'll tell you more if we make it. 
if not, we'll just pretend it didn't happen, ok? 
wish us luck!
(and good weather and.. freakin' strong legs!!!)



  1. i climbed Mt. fuji once at my first year in Japan, and i think once is enough :( fyi gonna be so cold in the early morning.
    i love starry night at Fuji. Hope you enjoy it :)

  2. Enjoy the climb and be sure to blog about the experience! Looking forward to it.

  3. I hope you enjoy the climb - it is such a beautiful, beautiful mountain. Please post loads of photos when you get back (after giving your poor feet a good soak). Good luck! xxx

  4. @Winifred

    just read your long trek! :) good job you!! will write about it soonish! :)

  5. @AdeLheid

    we didn't get any real stars but the head-torches of the climbers made a cute nighttime picture! :)

  6. @Mrs. Exeter

    thanks so much!! yes.. a good long soak is exactly what i need...


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