Tuesday, April 26, 2011

day trip:: mount fuji

a day trip to mount fuji from tokyo is one of the classic japanese must-dos!! 

there are many ways to get there from tokyo. but since we had quite a bit of time up our sleeves, we took the slower (and cheaper) way, by local trains. we had to make two changes but each time, it involved very little fuss and minimal japanese. in total, the travel time was approximately 2 hours including transfers. 

and you get up close like this! 

if we came a month later, we'd have caught this entire field covered in lavender. that would have smelled and looked amazing... 

the brother doing what he does best - chillin'!

but the main reason why we came so far, was in hope to show the baby brother some late-spring cherry blossoms. and since kawaguchiko is 892m above sea level (hence colder in temperature), the trees were just blooming! 

fuji-san, you've been very kind!

the family shot

p.s. im kinda mad at musashi. who was completely uncooperative in pictures...

seriously, check out that sulky face.

he's such a stinker sometimes!!
 he was so intrigued by the wilderness and space...
all he wanted to do was run around and sniff at pinecones!
dogs are lame like that...

we walked around the five lakes and hit most of the classic mountain view shots. enjoyed a spot of coffee before we caught an leisurely evening train back into town with a tonne of omiyage. 

we'll be back, mount fuji..


  1. man. musashi's lack of cooperation doesnt show in any of the photos!!! i was going to say, i kinda like the "Allender sandwich" shot, with musashi squished between you and hubba.

  2. @guerrrilla

    are you seriously being nice!? i was so mad at him i sat him down and told him off. in front of the computer. :)

    i think we both reached an suitable understanding.

  3. u know what, the late bloomers was the one thing that tempted me to do the trip up on sat!

    The shots are lovely... and mu mu's face is so funny... he looked lost in his thoughts, taking in the sights with the wind in his ears. Who's got time for pics man :)

  4. @kennytricia

    oops i completely forgot about these. but its 7 hours plus 2 hour on train.. next year just come in march and they'll be everywhere!! :)

    or korea or washington! all the same flowers!!!

    ya he is precious but seriously pissed cos he ruined all our shots, man!

  5. naaaaaw. i wasnt trying to be nice/ polite at all. then again, mummy & dad know musashi best ;)

    you told him off in front of the computer?? haHahaha!! i can imagine him being an even bigger sook then!!!

  6. What a gorgeous road trip!!!

    Love your blue skirt by the way....very pretty...;-)

  7. @astrorainfall @ beauty box

    thank you mucho! :) it was a chatuchuk buy from bangkok!!



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