Monday, April 25, 2011

inspiration:: cirque du soleil & a brand new clutch

we kicked off easter weekend with cirque du soleil treat in town. japan has its own permanent cirque du soleil team but kooza was visiting and had set up tents near yoyogi park. it was a lot of fun and giggles. i love carnivals & big tops, dramatic make up, contortionists, fancy stunts and all that jazz... and as an ex-theatre student, i absolutely miss that moment when the lights go dark and you wait in anticipation for the magic to begin.

inspired by the circus, its colours & pizzazz, i spent the rest of the weekend obsessed with an old flame - sequins. (oh how i've missed you!)

 i pulled out my fancy fabric, followed this tutorial here and made a little glitzy sparkley play-thing for myself.

a combination of my two current favs - tonne of glitter & scalloped edges

a fun & versatile piece!

cos its so cute, i made an extra sparkley clutch for the shop. you can find it here!

thanks for reading my midnight musings, loves!


  1. @punkychewster

    thanks babe! im still trying to tweak the pattern a little so i can maybe add a vintage button or something!


  2. lovely... would have got it from your little shop if not for the fact that i have to carry lots of barang with me all the time!

    I used to be a theatre student as well and somehow as the years went by, i seem to have become more shy on stage. I dont' think i can ever stand on the stage and do my thing anymore :)

  3. @kennytricia

    haha! me too! but i carry a huge tote and then stuff it into daniel's bag so i can trotter around in my clutch. crazy right?! :)

    did you used to do theatre too? in uni? or were you also from VJC?

  4. Yap, in my secondary school days, so that was a long time back, but i was under Nelson Kwei when i was in choir, who later went over to VJ :)

  5. @guerrrilla

    teehee!! so flattered! :)

    i might make more over golden week!! im so excited!!

  6. @kennytricia

    i was a dancer in secondary school! haha! and hardly dance anymore too! *sigh* i miss those days when everything was possible!!


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