Wednesday, August 10, 2011

in japan:: meiji-jingu fireworks festival

i love watching firework! but i don't fancy the crowds. 
so when the popular hanabi festival came round,
we decided we'd skip it and take that chance to hit up our favorite burger joint instead!

but when we spotted people with their picnic baskets lined up on our road, grilling and partying!
it occured to us that we might actually have a good view from home!
so we dashed back home
and watched in pitch-darkness with muu tucked in between us!

boy did the the sky get smokey! haha...
it looked a little bit like lasik surgery gone wonky :)
an additional touch of drama. 

but what an unexpected treat!



  1. nice... we catch some fireworks from our home as well. But we only saw smoke from yday's NDP cos it was in the other direction :(

  2. @kennytricia

    hahah!! i guess that's the trade off for being on a higher ground!!

  3. it's cool that you had a good view of the fireworks show from home...they look great!

  4. @Oh to Be a Muse

    beats getting a taller person's head in my view which always happens to me in a crowd!! :)


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