Thursday, August 11, 2011

diy project:: tree stump furniture

i like the idea of having ah little bit of nature in homes. 
especially when they look pretty awesome like this.
pretty neat, huh?

painting with enamel paint add a pop of colour to the room 
and gels the stumps better with the colour palette
they look cute clustered or on its own with a stack of magazine on top! 
also spotted a little felt green mossy pebble snuggled in the corner of the room! 
that cutie patootie...

perhaps, its time for a new home design project! :)


  1. I saw the chicest tree stump cake stands too at save on crafts. All of this reminds me of Irving Place!

  2. @Jen

    cake stands!? that's brilliant!! sooo much fun these wedding crafts!


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