Monday, June 6, 2011

summer lusts:: anthropologie glass dispenser

there are a tonne of things we have on our home must-have list that has been growing and growing over the years. moving around has its perks but the major downer is not being able to really really settle down, for real. and by settling down, i mean owning things like a four poster bed, an eames rocker, apothecary jars, cupcake tiers, a thread rack.. you know? they like the key to a happy life! :)

naturally one of my summer essentials is a beverage dispenser. so we can sip lemonade and sit on our patio and watch musashi run around in the sun. (p.s. add a beach umbrella, chic patio furniture and oh... ya! a garden to that list!). absolute must especially if it looks like this!!

from anthropologie | here

every party must-have, right?! :)

its so gorgeous it takes my breath away...
and during winter, it will hold my coloured yarn. it so versatile. 
its the gift that keeps giving...

p.s. i have a confession. i secretly bought a footed cake stand earlier this week. and tried passing it off as a candle holder. i think the boy has not spotted it. 

now the big question is... 
 how to sneak in kartell chairs without him noticing??



  1. Sipping lemonade from a gorgeous beverage dispenser on the patio? ENVIOUS.

  2. I saw that dispenser this week and I love it too! :)

  3. @Daphne

    haha you can too! :) cept instead of a puppy you get two running cuties!

    xx good luck for the awards! im casting my vote in! :)

  4. @Cindy

    is it as pretty in the stores!?

    im so jealous when people can just pop into the store and check it out!

  5. Oh wow! I. Must. Have. That. That is the most beautiful beverage dispenser I've seen. Ever.

  6. @jessa

    isn't it! its a work of art! i bet it'll look pretty on the shelves when not in use!!


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