Tuesday, June 7, 2011

loves:: ballet inspired fashion

ballet inspires me endlessly. the poise, the bunheads, the tulle and the music makes me happy. sometimes i practice a full set of barre-work in my living room and muu looks suitably impressed. maybe its time i get my moves back on.

aren't this images breathtaking!? pure genius.

 on pointe

 those poms.

 leggings and slippers

heart cut outs..

and my favorite of the lot...


  1. Babe, you watched Black Swan already right? The costumes by Rodarte are really awesome! Can you still do a full split? I reckon if you join yoga now, you'll be much better than me lor! I'm so bloody inflexible!

  2. @Yi Lian

    not yet... im scared! its loaded up on my iphone tho!! :)

    yeah i can still do a full split and glorious backarches.. but i can't touch my toes in yoga. you know? when you sit straight with both feet stretched up front? can't. never could! craziness..


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