Sunday, June 12, 2011

crafts:: retro swimsuit diy

i've been meaning to give vintage swim-things a go. in my mind i thought it'd be cute, little prints, frilly thingmagings paired with my summer espadrilles. perfect for a cocktail at sunset. and need i mention how brilliant it is that it provides more fabric to keep everything in place?? 

inspired by very purple person, i downloaded the alison pattern (for free) from burdastyle and picked up a piece of stretchy fabric from my stash. its not swimsuit appropriate but i needed something to get started with!! its my first time using a pattern and ambitious as i was it HAD to be stretchy fabric and it HAD to be so darn hard to fit!! 

6 intense hours later, i was done and slipped it on. but it was wrong in so many places. the chest a little too big, back a little too frumpy and the leg hole a little too conservative. so i nipped and tucked a little here and there. but i guess that's my verdict, maybe im not cut out for the classic retro bathing suits, which typically provides more coverage. 

i hmm-ed and ahh-ed if i should be modelling my own swimsuit but daniel won't put it on (what a bummer!!!) and musashi... well, he's too young for swimsuit shoots still. we'll think about it when he turns eight.

so here goes... 
hello, yellow!
and my modified back..

i mentioned that i might raise the leg-line a little and the husband chipped in, well... you already lowered the neckline, and removed the entire back of the bathing suit... which made me feel like a bit of a tart. so i left the legs as they were!!



  1. It's amazeballs! The color looks great on you too. A+!

  2. saw you at flamingo Toes - very cute suit! You did a great job!

  3. Nevermind the original design. I think you did a great job on these!

  4. Absolutely impressed babe!!! You've completely outdone yourself!!! I'm in love with the gathered back. Will be very flattering on small asses like mine. So impressed!!!!

  5. amazing. Love it! I have been wanting to try vintage suits as well. Came over from niftythriftythings.

  6. It looks really good!!!!

    Love the back!

    And you have really good skin!

  7. @Jessica at Me Sew Crazy

    hi jessica! :) thanks for visiting!! im a huge fan of your crafty blog! :)

  8. @Ruth

    haha! thanks ruth! i keep telling myself that too! :)

  9. @Yi Lian

    same intention, babe! i have an almost negligible arse to boast about!! :(

  10. @HammBone

    you should definitely give it a go! the pattern is available for download from burdastyle and there are a bunch of tutorials to help you along!

    i'd love to see your end product if you do attempt it! :)

  11. @kennytricia

    hahah! :) thats my favorite part of the swim suit. but i think it would give a pretty weird tan-line! :)

    thanks babe! its a good photography!!

  12. yay!! well done hon!!! i love it!!! and if you think raising the leg-line will make it look better, do it! you're the crafter, you're in charge!

  13. @punkychewster

    i love it! :) babe, you're hilarious!! i can imagine you fistpumping when saying it! :) *hugs*

  14. Wow! I'm amazed! I've never even thought about making my own swimsuit, but it's such a clever idea!
    Thank you so much for linking this up to {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!
    Hope to see you again this weekend!

  15. oh my goodness, you are just too awesome!!

  16. @sepps2

    thanks honey! :) i try!!

    im onto this crazy vintage dress refashion. totally regretting it now. it might not ever be completed. booo....


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