Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my favorite things :: girlfriends & royal cupcakes

a tonne of puppy lovin', a funny german man, one hellavu fashion-saavy girlfriend, a dash of royal romance, a box of scrummy themed cupcakes & pots of tea...
too many good things smushed into one afternoon!! 

come back soon, eunah! we miss you already!



  1. i had an ex colleague who is an aussie, who threw a party to celebrate the wedding complete with a 3 tier cake!

  2. @kennytricia

    thats sooo funny! :) any excuse for a party i guess!!!

  3. mmm too bad we're not meeting on friday. that's when the cupcake bus comes into my neighbourhood. glad you liked them sweetie <3

  4. @e.e.kimmings

    cupcake bus!? i thought it was a store.. *sigh* why did we not stay in hiroo!!!!


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