Tuesday, May 3, 2011

crafts:: ipad 2 leather sleeve

daniel always complains that i don't talk about his crafts. but its hard to take sexy pictures of or get excited about one black pouch after another. but i'll make an exception today..

a black leather pouch for the ipad

you wanna hear the best part? 

it costed me absolutely nothing! it was recycled from a leather folder we were about to toss out (the kind you receive for free at conferences with a free pen and note pad!!)

with a few snips and a little trial and error, we came up with this... its probably faux leather but on the outside it looks professional and manly enough for him to carry around town. 

this is my favorite type of projects. something new & challenging, you get re-use something old and most of all, it makes someone mighty happy!

super yayy! xx


  1. hey zhing!

    not sure if you remembered this wedding tree idea you posted last year, from another couple's website or somewhere.. but I used it for mine, and it turned out so pretty!!

    ahh, just wanted to share it with ya, since this was where I saw the post! :))

  2. @sepps2

    hi! :) yes i do remember! and yayyY!!! :) thanks for letting me know! and congrats!!!

    did you write about it on your webbie?


  3. big pat on the back!

    reduce, reuse and recycle!!!


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