Saturday, May 14, 2011

crafts:: le petit apron from the little shop

last week, i completed a customized apron order for a sweet client.. i had so much fun working on it I thought i’d share it here with you!

she wanted a sturdy everyday apron while she works miracles in her kitchen but cute enough when she charms her guests!! and gave me a few of her style inspirations, then i came up with a few mood boards. (just like i used to for my wedding clients!) and we finally this one::

black. red. dots. paris. chic
from here.

and came up with this. i picked a heavier black base colour to hide stains from frequent use but with a whimsical lil dots all over. also added a little bit of flirty-ness with the frills that go all the way back. 

and my favorite part is the a removable flower corsage for a touch of red. you can pin it to the top, to the pockets, to the clasp at the back or even to your hair tie.

i can only imagine the type of fun she would be up to with this apron with a bustley kitchen filled with yummies & a roomful of lovelies! :) thanks for asking me to make this and hope you love it heaps! 

just throwing this one in for the husband who has a penchant for goofy pictures... he'd told me to keep an eye on his flash brolly to see if its working... i took his instructions a tad bit too seriously!

guess what? the flash was working like a charm and blinded me a little!
happy weekend!


  1. Wow did you make the flower corsage? Love the pop of colour.

  2. @Anonymous

    yups! :) sure did! thanks.. it was a bonus on the apron and could be used as a hairpiece...


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