Friday, May 13, 2011

shopping in japan:: for babies

woah! i just had a huge shopping day with the mother in law! and we saw the cutest things! on the shopping list today - baby clothes!! hold your horses.. its not for us. mummy's best friend just found out she was getting a little baby grandson this morning. so we were all pumped to find him some cute little outfits!!

finally!!! someone to get these awesome vintage cars i spotted in shimokitazawa for!! i was so desperate i nearly convinced daniel that muu NEEDED one... 

we'll be hitting some classic kiddy shopping spots tomorrow but for today, we stuck to the hood - shinjuku! and boy did we find adorable things! i don't have any pictures cos when i shop, i shop.. but japan is such a great place to be if you have a baby! the options are endless and oh-so-tempting!! here are a few spots we had great fun in::

1) odakyu mylord - cute japanese-esque, yukata inspired jammies
2) muji - basics with soft and comfy fabrics. we also explored the world of maternity wear, trying to figure out which top has best boob-access. im so impressed at the selection (and yet not excited!)
3) comme ca ism - adorable one-ies with animal prints on the derrier! and adorable fruit hats...
4) H&M
5) tokyu hands
6) odakaya - for crafty grandma / mummies...

i know everyone says gender is not important, health is. and i hope the baby is healthy and happy and all... but i was kinda disappointed it wasn't a little chica cos those girly things are fantabulous! frou frou sun-dresses, little straw hats, fantastic hair things and frilly pink gooey thing.. *sigh* it got to a point where mum went 'maybe i should just buy it.. just for keeps. cos everyone is going to start popping anyway... '. *sirens rings* so i toned down the excitement a notch!

 awesome vintage toy cars from brum.

seriously, this baby shopping has opened a whole can of worms! (but no maternal instincts yet, just sayin'!!) but i love it when little people dress up like grown ups like fedoras, nautical stripes and little stretchy pants!! 

plus, everything is funnier and cuter when they are mini-sized!!



  1. sounds like u will enjoy having a son :)

  2. @kennytricia

    i will enjoy shopping for anyone! :) hahah! :)


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