Monday, April 11, 2011

what i wore:: trench & wellies

we were really looking forward to the weekend and made outdoorsy plans, then it started raining... but when life gives you rain... bring out the wellies and splash through the puddles!! up-ed it a little bit, wore braids in my hair and traded my regular coat for this bright pink number.


a cheeky peek of tulle.

i love those fun buttons!!

when i stepped out of the house, the husband asked, "wow! do you think you could wear any more shades of pink!?" haha... on hindsight, it was a lot of pinks put together!

but... challenge accepted!! 



  1. LOVE your outfit! Damn I wish you were here to wear wellies with me! People here think it's strange that I do especially those in the office!

  2. Does it feel stuffy if wellies are worn in Singapore?

  3. @Andrea

    Thanks babe!! Haha I totally wore wells back in Singapore too!! ;) they're the funnest!! ;) we'd have look cute together!! ;)

  4. @M

    Not too bad!! Its like wearing boots but with more give! I usually have a change of shoes in the car or in the office though.. ;)

  5. Totally cute! Tulle+pink is my kind of my outfit. :)

  6. love that necklace!

    and look the peek of tulle. So fun.

  7. atta girl that's the spirit! don't let the rain get you down!

  8. Cuteness! I'm still in my PJs... :-/

  9. @punkychewster

    does it rain heaps in south carolina? i have my eyes on a pair of boots from target! uber cute!

  10. @Generic Jen B

    trust me! when im running errands on a regular day, i wear the sloppiest home clothes!

  11. I love how it all came together! Very nice!

    (sorry for the MIA. Life's been crazy!)

  12. @Ruth

    thanks ruth!! :) i can tell! I love your new collection!! xx


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