Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a barking dog - tick!

one of the best things about musashi, other than his munchkin butt, is how quiet it is. he hardly barks! which is great for our little apartment!

i brought him out for a luxuriously long & yummy lunch with yuming last week in azabu juban. he came out to check on us a couple time especially when we sounded like we were having too much fun but other than that, he snuggled into his blankie and didn't peep a squeak!! i was so very proud and decided that he deserved a LOOOONG walk home. like 4.8km long...

we walked, stopped to stand under pink trees, we walked, paused for a doggie treat, we walked some more, popped in to say hi to his daddy and we walked even more. when we got home, it was already an hour and half after lunch! then we snuggled up for a nap (don't hate!)

suddenly, he barked! like twice but real loud!! so i woke up to see the darnest thing...

poor muumuu was barking at his foot! why? because he was having a little muscle cramp!!! he looked so confused and mad at his hindy.. it was adorable!! im a terrible mum but i laughed and laughed. then i hydrated him, gave him a little foot massage & rubbed a little bit of lavender onto his toes. i don't know why.. at least it smelt a little nice! :)

sorry muumuu... sometimes mummy forgets that you're just a little dog! 
but thanks for being such a trooper!



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