Saturday, April 16, 2011

letters from doggie :: seven

hello all,

the lovely cherry blossoms have come and gone, and i've had hanami parties ALL week!! everyday, me and mummy would either ride on the bicycle to meet daddy for a lunch picnic in the park or go for a late afternoon tea party in the glorious glorious weather! in the last few days it has been snowing pink petals all over the place!! so so pretty... wish you were here to roll around in the petals with me!

all the pinkness is going to my head and i've been feeling a little romantic recently...

rolling in mummy's tulle was such a good idea...

also, i've been spoilt silly because my grampies in are town, i get to eat nibbles off the table, go for long walks and grandma is making me an awesome spring quilt! i can't wait to snuggle in with it! 

we're off to lunch at odaiba 
and then my uncle touches down in tokes!! 



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