Saturday, April 16, 2011

cherry blossoms in japan:: part deux

part of what's great about living in japan is having all four seasons. and when its time, everything blooms at the same time. roses, ranunculus, lavender, magnolia and of course the beautiful cherry blossoms everywhere! the touches of pink makes your heart flutter...

a brisk walk around the park, in your nieghbour's garden, speckled all along your ride to work ... they spring up in totally unexpected places. its like living in a dream. 

last week, daniel told me to get on the bike cos we're going on an adventure... to a place, with beautiful flowers, that i'll least expect, but i'll like it, he thinks.. were his words. which is very troubling (especially the "he thinks" part!) so the entire way i asked him on & on & on 'but what do you meeaaannn??'.. incessantly. im charming like that! 

 can you guess where? 
it was serene and elegant in an understated way...

pink clouds everywhere!! it was magical..

did you figure it out? we were in the aoyama cemetery! i remembered that yuming also recommended to come here too. there were huge and tall trees on both sides of the walkway and in between rows. we were not the only ones! there were heaps of people here enjoying a little slice of peace in the middle of the city...

 the ground was covered with in a light layer of pinkish petals. 
tres glamourous!

hope you're enjoying a perfect saturday afternoon filled with love, farmers' market & coffee icecream! here's a little something for you!


  1. Gosh, the cherry blossoms are amazing!! Very very pretty!

  2. SOOOOOO pretty!!!!!!!!
    I always wondered how cherry a street full of cherry blossoms smell like... mus be lovely.

  3. @joyce

    thanks! do you have cherry blossoms in australia?

  4. @kennytricia

    i don't know! i think they are smell-less.. but im hyper allergic to pollen so i get all blocked up when im out with the flowers!

    how unfortunate!


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