Monday, April 4, 2011

for the puppybear:: ikea hundstol

have you heard of ikea's HUNDSTOL doggie highchair? my husband first sent the ad to me and i was all "woah!! wayyyyy coool!!! ikea is pure genius, that hole for the tail!! we should totally go get one for our munchkin tomorrow!"

:: the ad ::

in fact, i was so enthusiastic that he felt a little sorry for me. and had to tell me nicer that it was ikea australia's idea of a cool aprils fool day joke. i pouted for a little while cos it would have been even cooler if they were for real. but i must admit that its kinda funny. and "hundstol" totally made sense after that! *guffaws*

that being said, if they were available in the stores, i would totally get it. afterall, we were THAT close to getting a baby-crib as his bed... crazy times!


  1. I shall not admit that I too was fooled. Damn IKEA! Hund is German for dog. And european languages are similiar so probably the same.

    Dog Stool/Chair I'd imagine.

  2. @Ann

    Haha!!! It was such a brilliant April fool
    Joke!!! Hope there are enough crazed pet owners out there so they start making these chairs haha!!! ;)


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