Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the world, here we come!

...it has been almost three months since we traveled... and by our standards, that a pretty long lull!! but we'll be back in action soon, we're going to vietnam! its my first visit but daniel has worked there in the past so we're revisiting some of his old haunts.. i am already dreaming for huge hot bowls of pho and coffee... im also excited to get my hands on fabric & embroidery crafts! weeheee!!

in addition we're also revisiting our own old camping grounds (australia & singapore) later in the year for weddings. we're super duper doooper excited and have started listing down foodie things that we crave... what do you miss when you're away from home?

KFC salty chip (oz) & wonton noodles (sin) tops my list!
happy sunnyday, peeps! :)



  1. Chicken rice, economical rice, fishball noodles, roti prata, rojak, popiah, maggi goreng, mee soto, nasi lemak, mee rebus.............

  2. @Yi Lian

    Omg!! I'm almost regret asking that question!! Makes me miss them even more now!!! Darnit!! Xx

  3. hahaha.. happy travelling. Vietnam is a nice place. Loads of bicycles though. but food is good!! =)

  4. @Yingjie

    Sounds like our cup of tea!! Bicycles n food!! ;)

  5. Those are what I missed when I was in HK! Hehehe! Ohhh and prawn noodles... Buy lotsa Prima Taste mixes the next time you're home babe! Or do you want me to send some over? ;)

  6. @Yi Lian

    im ok! :) mummy is coming up in a week and will be bringing a whole bunch of things up! :)

    thanks so much babe!!

  7. i always crave chwee kueh when i think of home. and oh, durians and bak kut teh. when will u be going home to SG?? i'll be back in nov!

  8. @sillyfaery

    DAMN!!! im back in dec!! :( :( :(

    hmmm.. chwee kueh are sooo good! wonder if justin can figure out the recipe!


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