Tuesday, March 8, 2011

crafts:: scrabble artwork tutorial.

i have a problem. i can't throw things out. the boy recently got me a brand new inspiration board so i retired my old one. but it's so cute i can't bear to toss it out. cos it looks like THIS!

it was originally a cute picture frame, i popped the backing out, cut a piece of cork/styrofoam and covered it in my favorite fabric. there you have it! a tiny inspiration board!

but it has been sitting around the house, chilling out. until i spotted an idea in a cute cafe we went to last week. so i hopped on to ebay. $9 & a week later, i got this! :)

 who loves scrabble?

im terrible at it when i play against daniel but as a team, we're kick ass at dirty word scrabble. anyway the next part is the best part. you play scrabble. but with the entire bag of alphabets! here are my favorites..
 reminds me of the abba song..

all the ones we wanted to engrave in our wedding rings. but are too indecisive...

if i had my way, it would read "home is where you are". 

i've always wanted that quote in our home cos it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. but the boy, bless his heart & his damn profession, pointed out that if i put that in the bathroom. it would mean that home is where the toilet bowl is, which sounds really crap (pun intended). and now you have it. what can i say, he's special.
this, by the way, is also my favorite but there is no space for text-speak in scrabble art... 

so you argue about it, then decide *breath* and moving on..

assemble your worthy tools, scrabble tiles, push pins & my bff - hot glue gun.

add a blob to the back of each tile...

smush it tight! my pins have a rounded marble finish so it doesn't sit flat. if it bothers you, choose the flat based ones. and if you plan for it to stay forever and forever, sandpaper the surface you're hot-gluing for better grip.

play a little scrabble while you wait for it to dry.

assemble and display! :)

in case you're wondering, "amor vincit omnia" is love conquers all in latin. :) quite heavy toilet-reading material but its cute! and a little mysterious! i reckon its a great project for weddings & displays! and if you get tired of it, make a new batch and rearrange again! perfect project for the fickle mind!

thanks for reading! have a impossibly snuggly day!

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  1. love it... and u have the prettiest fabrics!!

  2. @kennytricia

    my biggest weakness. after shoes, cupcake stands, tea cups, frilly aprons...

    yikes! im a weak gal! :)

  3. i love it! how creative and oh so pretty :)

  4. @Pei

    its super simple! :) you can do it too!! there are too many cute quotes but too long to make! :)

  5. @zhing first of all, i don't possess a glue gun...ha! i know i could do it too, but i wouldn't be able to inject half the charm that you have :)

    cmon woman...where's your Etsy shop??!???

  6. @Pei

    aww you're too sweet!

    soon soon!! i have too many silly projects like this to distract me! xx

  7. So pretty, and I LOVE Scrabble!
    We're fans of cafes that also have board games, and Scrabble is our go-to game.
    Cute cute craft. :)

  8. @Mo

    thanks mo! :)

    p.s. i think you've just made my day! i've been a fan of your blog for a million years! x

  9. i miss Scrabble! gonna find me a set soon!

  10. @sillyfaery

    you can totally find a cute vintage one in thrift stores!! or ebay! :) once again.. im so soooo jealous! :)

    lady tricia:: thanks heaps!! :)


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