Wednesday, March 9, 2011

in the kitchen:: spagetti vongole

a friend once pointed out that more artistes are born in colder regions of the world. we were pondering if the cold has anything to do with their artistic talents and quickly moved on to mourn for the arts scene in singapore. haha! 

but i've a theory now! in miserably colder weather, one usually stays home more. the need for cute clothes, yummy food and entertainment still remains but given that it takes (so much) more to gear up and leave your cosy home, you end up getting really creative and crafty with your needs. i've certainly found that during winter, i craft and cook more. we've even come up with indoor physical activities to work off musashi's energy so he's not bouncing off the walls!! makes sense? or maybe its just me..

but last night, inspired by our favorite italian fix in town - spajiro, i came home after work to my boy looking like this: 

there is nothing sexier than a man that can cook. just sayin'! 

look at the amazing colours! hmm.. at this point the whole culinary adventure was still a big secret. i was not allowed to peek at the recipe and my only task was to check the asari clams one by one and set the table. 

the boy hunted down the top vongole recipes online, including this one from jamie oliver and neil perry, adapted it and threw in his own little twist (bacon).. asari vongole with a bottle of white wine.. absolutely delish!

we often get questions about the availability of non-japanese ingredients where we live. but so far, it has been a breeze, everything we need is readily available in supermarkets, albeit a little pricier but the quality & presentation is impeccable! for this specific recipe, the little neck clams are really common in japanese cooking.

we're definitely adding it to the list of modern classics in our kitchen.

caught licking the spatula! :) happy hump day, peeps!!


  1. @kennytricia

    we were just commenting that the ability to cook is such a fine skill! its a shame if there isn't a nice home-cooked meal once in a while, isn't it?

    how did you learn!?

  2. i wouldn't say i'm a fine cook, but i get my inspiration from my grandma and mum.
    But it was impossible to learn from them cos everything is agaration. Then the internet became my best bud for recipes. I just chose the one that i recognise with most :)

  3. @kennytricia

    agaration! hahah! i've not heard that word in AGES! :)

    your one-pot chicken recipes are gold!! do you mind if i post them here one day?!

    im still so excited when i use new recipes! every meal is such an adventure. if only there are no dishes to clean after dinner! *pout*

  4. I LOVE SPAGHETTI VONGOLE!!! it's like my all time favourite pasta!!!! ahahah and Justin makes it for me from time to time. i heart men that cook!


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