Thursday, February 3, 2011

gong hey fatt choi!!

now we have stayed wayyy past beddy-byes time, eaten "reunion" dinner and realized that CNY is NOT saturday and in fact is tomorrow! charming... (thanks internet. for once, you've let me down). we're going to bed in our brand new jammies secure in the knowledge that our parents will all live past a million years!! :) 

happy chinese new year folks! :) may this year be filled with bunny kisses and carrots.

the allenders


  1. LOL. That's hilarious babe!
    Happy CNY to you three! xoxo

  2. :) gong xi fa cai! gotta love that matching pjs! lots of luck, love and fresh sashimi!

  3. you guys are just WAY TOO CUTE (and yes that includes the young gent staring up at you!)...gong xi fa cai Allenders!! xx

  4. hahaha!! love it! love, luck and fresh sashimi! there aren't that many more good things in life! :)

  5. same to both of you! :)
    enjoyed reading your last post! *thumbs up*

  6. haha! :) can't wait to see your little family of three too!!

  7. thanks babe!! same to you!
    he was meant to be FACING the camera but there was absolutely no way we could get him to do that. he kept staring at our angry faces going "musashi!! freakin' TURN AROUND!!"


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