Friday, February 4, 2011

lazy in takadanobaba

yesterday, i hung out with some girlies from work at takadanobaba! known for their student hangouts and late night bars but i LOVE saying that word now. makes me sound way cooler! :) we were all squished up in new york style ben's cafe for lunch (who by the way serves excellent quiches) and having a good old natter. an indulgent 5 hour long chat in the middle of the week and it was lovely!

we also followed the recommendation of dear tricia and found blue parrot bookstore, an excellent place to find 2nd hand english books. but since i've recently restocked my bookshelves in india, i kept a look out for old children books to add to my collection.

what a gem!! i used to own tonnes of ladybug books when i was a wee little gal.

the lovely pictures...

and the good ole fuzzy farm dog!! 

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  1. baba i love
    or you can call it "baba" like the locals... :)
    there are heaps of great ramen/tsukemen stores in the area too, if u walk a little further out... perhaps even walk to to ikebukuro if u are feeling up for it. there is also a dingy old okinawan place and an african curry place. see if u can find them on gurunavi!
    p/s: there is an ice-cream museum in sunshine plaza in ikebukuro, u can have flavours like squid ink, soya sauce, wasabi and curry. far out! they also have a giant tokyu hands which might excite you do xx
    super nostalgic now!


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