Monday, December 6, 2010

japan: tokyo disneyland

hi loves, how was your weekend?

we had such an awesome one its a pity its coming to an end! our best friends were in town this weekend visiting family so i've been spoilt with many lovely lunches and delicious home-made kimchi! we also decided to go on a short day trip to maihama, 20 mins out of tokyo to only the happiest place on earth - tokyo disneyland!!

unsurprisingly, im a HUGE HUGE fan for the disney parks and am making good progress with my world disney tour! :) so i was really psyched all morning marching around the house to all my favorite disney tunes to get me into the mood!

me and the bobs on the disneytrain.. happiness..

we decided to explore disneysea because we heard about their awesome themed restaurants and the boys were drawn to the beer they serve in the park. it's meant to be a more sophisticated and aesthetic version of disneyland for adults. but don't be fulled, it was JAMMED PACKED with children of all ages..

minnie in the latest mink-cuffs totally hamming up to the camera, it was hilarious!

i was more amused but this 2-yo girl on her dad shoulders admiring minnie from afar (yes there were THAT many adults jostling to get closer...) and occasionally she would let out a completely starstuck and wistful "mini-channnn". her eyes in pure adoration. it was too cute.

our dream-come-trues doing the mickey!

we were completely freaked out for the long lines outside the "house of terror". 

but the japanese are a perculiar breed (and i say this out of pure love..) they absolutely LOVE lining up!! and when they wait in line, everyone brings coordinating disney-print picnic mats, bentos and warm drinks. its like a huge party!! makes you feels like sitting there with them just for the fun of it!!

the boys were more excited with their popcorn offerings (which was awesome btw!! there was milk tea, strawberry, curry and our favorite - pepper!!) and mickey churros!

chrissy in the park..

sunset at cape cod..

onboard the SS Columbia in New York port.. gorgeous decks with a lovely grown-up bar with cigars and beers and all! 

i was also floored by the quality of live shows! we managed to catch the cirque du soleil special which features excerpts from their z3d show. which was pure genius and such a treat! we even snuck into the show without much of a wait because we were happy with standing room, which turned out to be the best seats in the house anyway!! i can't wait to check out their proper shows in the permanent cirque du solei theatre within the disneyland resort.

i also convinced the team we NEEDED to see ariel!! and it was awesome. she was gorgeous, acrobatic and the theatrics for the entire show was stunning! i loved it when the jelly fishes came somersaulting from the ceiling! it was unreal. and a complete kara-ok fest for me cos they featured my favorite songs... i must admit i was a little disappointed when the mermaid spoke in japanese. *shrug* i guess we must be in tokyo.

just the live shows and fireworks made the tickets worth every single yen! :)

me and my puffer-pal, judy... and true to our style, always a different city, a different adventure but the same fun! 



  1. :) awesome weekend! I remembered the thought of going made me grin from ear to ear and once I was on that disney train with mickey windows.. I was blown already..And next everything seemed magical.. all the way till the closing fireworks...

  2. ahhhhhh! ♥ disneyland!
    i forced klkl to go HK's Disneyland juz so that i can take photos wiht Mickey and Minnie, much to his dismay! and worse, we stayed in the park for a freaking 10 hours juz so i can catch the fireworks (yes its all me! *snorts*)
    so for this! i reckon i *wanna* make a trip next year! wonder how long will we stay! you wanna come with us??? :P

  3. I love Disneylands too!! They're so magical and I'm so happy when I'm there!!!
    How many rides did you get to go on? I heard you can only do 3 or 4 at Tokyo Disneyland.

  4. i was exactly like that!! all goo goo eyed till the very last moment..
    am wondering if i should ask for a membership this christmas. but at my age, it seems a little dumb...

  5. i guess thats the magic number!! i went on 3 rides only! and none of them with a over 60 min wait!!!

  6. how was the HK one? as fun as the others? we heard disappointing reviews so we're thinking to save it for our spawn! hahaha!!! :) :) :)
    fireworks are a must in disneyland!!! regardless of what time you get started!!
    i might be considering a disney membership! and if so, definitely!! :)

  7. uhhhh HK's one is my first disneyland! so its special to me! :D
    how CAN you miss the fireworks right?!?!?! thats exactly what i told klkl! he was grumbling like mad but gave in to me!
    if you are gonna be in japan for a while, its a good idea to get membership!

  8. ahhh!! :) im sure its awesome! the disneylands never disappoint. regardless of age! :)
    i should get a life-long membership!


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