Wednesday, December 8, 2010

all fingers crossed.. christmas is only 13 days away!!!

this morning i woke up to a very grave email "baby, christopher (our tree) has drunk a little water overnight but is still looking very parched. please finish up the christmas decorations in the next few days and we'll give him a early photoshoot.." boohoo... so depressing..

this is NOT our tree.. (obviously..)

as of last night, there is only ONE household goal. dishes, shopping, crafts are all set aside for the all-important "save christopher t. allender" project. we realized that in not reading our japanese instructions properly, we forgot to saw off a bit of the tree's stem before submerging it in water. so for the past two weeks, our christmas tree has been dying in front of our very eyes!! its so dry and brittle it is showering pines by the buckets!!! safe to say, we are unfit for parenthood yet.

with a super sharp saw and daniel's super power arms, we've now finally chopped off a little bit of its stem, and are monitoring his water consumption by the minute. pulling all stops, we have also purchased flower food (florists use this to help flowers last longer..) and are spritzing it with diluted flower food every 5 mins. power to the christmas tree!!!

hang in there, little christopher!! we love you HEAPS!!!

p.s. i found this picture in my archive but if anyone can help me with picture credits, i'd greatly appreciate it.

tree-saving tips very much appreciated too. thankyouverymuch. and please don't say buy a new tree.


  1. Can u believe it, we paid for our tree but have yet to collect it! Those that were left when we were there were all parched and had dead written all over them. Then again, think it might be better off at the nursery :) Our tree died on xmas last year. So totally hearing you there. Lets hope the one we bring home this year survives.

  2. hope the mission is accomplished!

  3. not yet, still spritzing it with evian water every 5 mins! *sigh*
    what do i need to put? SKII???

  4. awwww.... :(
    hope yours is pretty and fresh! i guess thats what you get for trying to get a pine tree that is not fresh from the yard!!
    when we were in australia, we chopped and two hours later it was at home fresh and alive!!


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