Sunday, November 21, 2010

countdown till christmas .... 35 days 17 hours and 17 mins!!!

im SUPER excited!! super excited i can't wait for this year's pictures... but...


one year ago we were driven to a christmas farm in mornington, australia to pick a fluffy big fat tree.. this year, we did it japanese style, hopped on the maitama - keio line headed past disneyland and straight to our happiest place on earth.. IKEA!

we were initially meant to pick up a kitchen table and ask about christmas trees but when we got off the train, we saw a whole pile of them stacked upfront and started to run. yep, all the way. from the train station. so the deal was buy a stand (780 yen) and a tree (1990 yen) and you get to pick your own tree, all bundled up and pre-chopped but still an adventure. so we skipped the entire ikea shopping experience so we could pay up and start picking our tree cos we didn't wanna miss out!!

and after much prodding around, picked out the first tree we set our eyes on. this year, we're going tall and skinny! :)

and the best part is, if we lug the tree back to IKEA after christmas, we get the full value of the tree in voucher for spending in store AND they will help us recycle our little tree. awesome, innit? extra eco-points to IKEA!!!

bad part is, there was no delivery, so it was our first shopping trip nightmare all over again! and got a few weird stares but our home spells like a pine forest now! yummy!!! i think all these insane stories are going into our book of adventures to re-tell when we're old and grey. on the train back with a chair, 4 table legs and a toilet plunger sticking out of his backpack, the boy asked me (with a tree stand hanging off my bag... klussssy!!!)

Me: So his name is Christopher Allender, huh? (it was between a somewhat skanky russian name and christopher...)
Boy: Yup. Christopher T. Allender.
Me: ????
Boy: Definitely Christopher T. Allender.
Me: Why so?
Boy: Urm. Christopher Tree Allender.. duh baby! have some imagination...
Me: *roll eyes*

anyway, big question now.. what colour should this year's decoration be?? im thinking silver and sparkles.. he's thinking red. super clash!


  1. actually red and silver is alrite, babe!
    Congrates on getting the tree early! :)

  2. red and silver go together hand in hand nicely! dun they?!

  3. reallly?? still in two minds cos the entire house doesn't have primary colours.
    but daniel thinks its festive. and he hardly ever agrees with colours!! i think its age thats making experimenting harder and harder!! *grr*

  4. maybe.. im hoping so. cos i might go with that!
    *fingers crossed* or else, all daniel's fault!

  5. Wow! You guys brought a tree in the train?! That's cool.
    Silver, sparkles, red, green sound alright. Typical xmas colours.

  6. yah we did!! wrapped in newspaper but still got a lot of stares!!! hahaha!!!


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