Saturday, November 20, 2010

*wolf whistles* nice rack!

when the sweet girlies checked out, they left us a gift! we finally picked it up this evening from shinjuku.

"urm.. this goes where??"

half hour later, the handyman was still measuring...

i got tired of waiting and loaded up the accessories, price tags and all!!! :)

p.s. still measuring...

so swish!! :) all loaded up with our very gender neutral crockery! 

p.s. the right holder is for kitchen towels, which we don't have yet! :) but SUPER COOL!!!!

thank you very much, babes!!! your company was really more than enough already!! it sounds ridiculous, i know, but it's really the BEST gift we've ever received! right up there with our awesome melamine crockery from liberty!! *muahh*

come back soon?



  1. piccies of your apartment soon soon?!?!?

  2. do you know if you can get that rack outside japan? I'm so envious of you, would love to get one :)

  3. It's from liberty by target! Gifted to us at our wedding! Aren't they cute ?
    They also make gorgeous fabric!! Very ex but totally worth every cent!!

  4. Haha.. When I'm ready.. Still being a little picky with the way things look & working on decor!! Gimme some time and I'll sort it out soonish!!

  5. i know!! it so sticks our from our "minimalistic" approach to decor and living tho! :)
    love it!!! its from our MOH!

  6. i did a quick google search and im not sure wehre you live.. but if its singapore, it's your lucky day! their international distributor is there!!:
    Euroswift Retail Creations Pte. Ltd.
    33 Ubi Avenue 3, #04-50, Vertex Complex, Singapore 408868
    the brand is keyuca and probably cheaper than what it retails here. the store here is super-hyped.. more so than muji!

  7. thanks for that! it's a brilliant space-saving idea...gonna hunt and see if they have one in HK!

  8. thank you heaps!! In angola for now, but I'll search when i'm in singapore next year. whopee.. i can't stop thinking about it! :)

  9. its awesome! i got extra acessories to go with it too so now its extra swish!
    if they don't have it in singapore, you should definitely check them out if you visit japan!

  10. babe! they do!! in queens east! (if thats a shopping mall!)

  11. Awesome!! Yeah that's a shopping centre on Queen's Road - thanks for checking! They didn't happen to say which floor/shop stocked it did they?


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