Tuesday, November 2, 2010

awesomeness in one morning...

yesterday, we woke up and the sun was beaming! the sunshine came as a much-welcomed surprise, so we scrapped our initial plans to clean up at home and decided to wander out for a long walk around our neighborhood! grab some brunch then come home and clean. but we walked and walked and walked and came home eventually at 8pm! super unproductive!!

but it was all good fun and a lovely way to end our weekend! we walked around the grounds of the akasaka palace, the state guest house with versailles-esque gardens and joked that we'll move there next year, then we can both walk to work in 5 mins! :) then we followed the crowd to a baseball stadium and tried to figure out if we could get tickets but got distracted by goodlooking bicycles. then we wandered around the corner and found out that it was a free event for public as part of the tokyo design festial 2010! so we traded for passes and picked out favorites!!

no. 62 on my scarabike!!

bumped into a cutie in pink bike and followed him home.. kidding!! :)

such a sweet ride... but these handmade frames are not for sale just yet!! and i rode on a eco-bike for the first time. basically its a mechanised bicycle that gives you a little push once in a while so you need not cycle that hard. it was a little weird though. i think im old-fashioned when it comes to riding a bicycle. give me a classic frame, wicker basket and a tinkle bell anyday!!

then we wandered on the grounds of tokyo design festival, then in search for the nearby public pool and bumped into...

what? a bunch of old cars???

not just that! its a weekend flea market! (they call it free market here in japan.. not sure if its cos they can't read "L" or if the things are price so cheaply its almost freeee!!) had fun poking our noses through the wares and when we were about to leave, we found a crepe van!!! crepes are really popular and fancy here!! you can get them everywhere with cheesecake, whipped cream, ham, anything you can dream of! im completely in love with them!!

and as if the day can't get more exciting, we found an awesome stand-up ramen place, packed with locals!!! and gave their pork bone broth ramen a go. it was superbly hot and yummy with generous serve of negi (chopped spring onions) and garlic which i love!!

what a lethal combi of good things!! bicycles, baseball, crepes, flea markets... 
what an adventure!! :)

then we did grown up things, sorted our my phone and got ready for monday!! that bit was alright too! :)


  1. love your attire babe! :)
    jappies cant really pronounce their Ls and Rs. if you are Mrs Lee, you can expect them to call you Mrs Ree!

  2. so fun!
    wow...so much adventure, new findings and fun! i wish i wish i wish my taiwan trip would be like that. :)- ah fenz

  3. oh thanks hon! i threw that on in anticipation for a walk only. no make up at all! *gasp*

  4. Re: so fun!
    when are you headed to taiwan?? im sure you will..
    can you eat one more mochi and that yummy bubble tea like thing with filling!! you know which one???!! :) the one we went crazy over on ice..
    oh i miss taiwan!!!

  5. I rove lock and loll!
    I had a student who asked me if I "prayed" the whole weekend, and I thought, Gee that's a bit strange... and then I realised he meant to ask if I pLayed the whole weekend :P
    The best way is to get them to practice saying "I love rock and roll" at home! :)

  6. Re: I rove lock and loll!
    OMG! your msg made me choke!! :) :) great suggestion!!
    love ya babe!! :)
    happy bunka no hi!! :)


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