Monday, November 1, 2010

we have a home!! and other weekend lovin'!

i got severely bitten by the sewing bug this weekend. the little guy was put to serious work and was humming away for the whole weekend!! our curtains are hemmed and we're in the middle of making daniel some awesome bento bags!

hello, toy! :)

my first sewing project - a pin cushion and scraps bin!

it sits on the edge of the table while i work away on my desk. its weighted by pebbles that i picked from our rock garden (which was a bad idea, btw..). i followed a really fun tutorial from merriment design but tweaked the measurements and the materials to suit what i could find in my home!! not perfect but serves the purpose! now my workdesk won't be covered with little bits of thread and bit and pieces! :)

we spent the ENTIRE weekend setting up our new home! our boxes from singapore arrived late last week and we've been up to our neck with cardboard boxes. the whole house is still covered with thingmagig but its so exciting to see all our old things pop up in our new place. if you take a huge whiff, they still smell like home.. and we spent our entire month's paycheck in one big whoop on home things. good news is we have a swanky new fridge and most things settled.

bad news is, we have just enough to be eating tau-gay (beansprouts) for the rest of the month!!



  1. muz be hard work! well done boys and girls!
    you wanna share with us some piccies of your lovely fridge & your space hunz? :)

  2. sigh... i'm not going to buy mine just yet. my temp job and job interview didn't go thru like i had hoped they would so... i'm just going to wait a bit more. i am so sad!!!

  3. hahaha!!! not yet. when its ready i will get daniel to take proper pictures! :)
    we're waiting for some critical pieces in the home to arrive then i can 'decorate'!

  4. its ok sweets!!! it WILL come, it will come!! :) good things comes to those who wait.
    i know exactly how you feel though, felt a little like that in our first month when the paychecks weren't coming in and the expenses & bills kept piling up! but it will come! :) and when it does, you'll feel much more excited about it!!
    love you!! :)

  5. OK! cant wait to see your place! =)

  6. ooh lala
    oooh can i be shameless enough to ask for a A4-size tote bag for me?
    trish aka miss lulu

  7. Re: ooh lala
    im emailing you now, babe! :)
    au revior!

  8. i did!!! :) im super excited!! now i can work on my sewing and embroidery skills!!!

  9. Did you specially line your table / workspace area too? hee hee.. it goes with the mood!!!

  10. i sure did!! :) yayyy someone noticed!!!
    it was initially white and minimalistic!! so i lined it with this pink polka dotted oil cloth! great for scratches and spills!!
    thinking to get more of these for laundry bags and placemats!

  11. man.. you are one creative cookie!! =)

  12. thanks love! :)
    its just fun to be able to make useful things by hand! :) im completely addicted.


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