Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 reasons why i love you..

1. you can tell the difference between a wallaby and kangaroo. i think that's smart.
2. you have a kind soul.
3. because you wanted to marry me..
4. you make the silliest jokes.
5. you love my friends & brothers as much as i do.

6. you're my muscle man! he sure did!! lug our entire loot from ikea when we were too poor for the 1000 yen shipping...
7. you're the only person that still laughs at my "pad thai" joke. all the time.
8. i get the most awesome & thoughtful surprises all the time!
9. you ask the weirdest questions like.. "what's the difference between babydoll and empire cut?"
10. cos we have the best dreams and goals in life. and i know we'll gonna make it!

11. you never once complained about our weddings. you're the best groomie ever!
12. you love IHOP as much as i do. (btw, its was a dealbreaker if you didn't..)
13. you still 'ooooh' and 'aaaah' sufficiently at my new crafts each day.. even the ones that are terrible & falling apart...
14. i think it cool when you speak in japanese!
15. you know your flowers! im sooo proud!

16. you schedule in snuggletime every single morning! i love that!! (even tho most of the time, im concussed.)
17. the calls in the middle of the day just cos you miss me.
18. you drive cos you know i hate to.
19. your idea of a good day is one spent at home with me. me too!!
20. you're the best travel buddy ever! always dependable and never grumpy!

21. you pose silly when i ask you to!

22. you're gonna beat Haile Gebrselassie's record one day. (you have 7 years and counting!!)
23. the pasta you make is the BEST ever!
24. you love our parents so very much.
25. the world looks better through your lens. i love your pictures!

26. you trust me with your hair.. (and we buy the most retarded things in life! this hair saving neckbrace is a load of crap..)

27. you're some kick-ass bengoshi. but still always so humble.
28. you have some serious navigational skills!!
29. you'll make the best dad, ever.
30. growing up with you is sooo much fun!!

happy 30th, my love!! 30 is the new 12!! i love you very very much! 


edited 11/11/10 : naturally his first response when he saw this post was "urm. babe, you do know that you spelt kangaroo wrongly, right.."


  1. Love the picture with the pig!! Happy birthday D!!

  2. :) lovely post dear
    happy & blessed birthday Daniel!

  3. aw... so sweet.....
    more birthdays celebrated together with loads of love and perhaps a few dozen of children... :P

  4. blessed birthday Daniel! hope you have had a blast of a time in nihon! =)

  5. aww sweet! happy birthday daniel! it's prime time from now!

  6. Both of you are such a sweet couple! Happy birthday Daniel!

  7. haha! thats his bethrothal pig in exchange for me..

  8. Ahh dun we love Chinese traditions! My friend bought two raw pig fore legs to fetch his bride! :p

  9. Thanks dear!! You guys too! How have you been??

  10. We are doing great! Thanks for asking! I can never pen out my love as eloquently as you, heh, so I just hope that he can feel it as much as I do. :P

  11. oh silly girl!! of course he does!!!

  12. daniel really perked up when he saw your comment!! and he says "HELLO!!! and CONGRAAATTTS!!! hi salllly!!!" with a little bit of screen-waving.

  13. awww hello daniel! hope you both are enjoying japan - i'm sure you are! the little hot dogs wave their paws at you :)


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