Monday, November 8, 2010

fashion: Lanvin for H&M

where will you be this november 23? i know where i'll be!! :) i'll definitely be at H&M checking out the much-anticipated lanvin collaboration. (and hoping there is no long queues...) im loving their signature voluminous toga with their luscious drapes. so cute!

the pinks..

dancing like a ballerina in layers and layers of tulle.. hmmm...

brilliant lookbook for the holidays!

check out their quirky runway video! i love the 3 min mark of the older lady rocking the frilly yellow dress!! so cute!

happy monday, folks! :)


  1. I love the black heels! booo sg doesnt have H&M =(

  2. I'm so jealous!!!! Lucky girl! I'll be in the States a wee too late :\ I am loving this collection though the dresses are said to be USD$199 and above.

  3. i know!! its about time!! im sure singaporean girls will love H&M!!

  4. the shinjuku one! nearest to home and if the queues are too long, i'll just cycle home! :)

  5. yeah! the black one i love i 24990 yen! (approx 300 usd!) but soo pretty!!

  6. Go early!!! High street collaborations are known to attract crazy queues - I was unsuccessful with bribing my sis to queue at the Oxford St boutiques ugh... hope you bag smthg great!! :)

  7. i know!! i saw a picture of the massive crowds outside H&M in new york on day 1 of the jimmy choo collaboration... insanity..
    i'll just go on the dot. if its too crazy, i'll cycle home. :)


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