Friday, October 29, 2010

wadaya do with those stickie labels...

i learnt this wayyy back when i was part-timing for $5 an hour in my dad's school. whoever said daughters get preferential treatment needs to have a chat with me. but i absolutely loved working there and met one of my best friends in life after spending afternoons and afternoons of fun rolling around in crafts, wrapping paper & children storybooks! and indulging in $1.20 primary school hawker food!! awesome!! :)

one of the best things i learnt from her is this tip we use all the time in our house. its dead simple but perfect each time. 

when you buy something new, more often than not, it will come with some pesky price tag or sticker. if you try pick at it, it will usually come half off and leave little bitties. that really really gets to me. i can spend the whole day picking at it. but the key to removing it all in one swoop... is ZIPPO LIGHTER FLUID! 

you can use any brand.. but i like zippo! :)

pour it on the tag until its completely saturated. (it should turn translucent) let it sit for a few minutes..

before it dries completely, lift it off with a sharp clean surface.. you can use your fingers too but i dislike the smell so i use my cutter.

and if there is still a little stickiness left, use a microfibre rag or a ratty teeshirt and swipe it clean with a little more lighter fluid!

p.s. hopefully you don't find an equally large logo printed UNDER the sticky tab. my cheapo ikea mug is such a bummer!! 



  1. haha yes! i use thinner (part of the old school liquid paper where you add thinner to the white liquid to make it thinner).

  2. amazing tip. thanks! we keep breaking our wine glasses so we gave up buyign fancy ones and now replace them regularly from M&S. they've got stickers at the bottom of the obviously transparent glass and is a PAIN to get off. :) :)

  3. oh! i usually use the medicated oil and rubbed off the sticky part after peeling them off. This is neat!

  4. If you don't have lighter fluid around the house, you can try blow drying the label, blast it on high for a min, it softens the glue behind the label and woosh, it comes off! :)

  5. that might be better. smells nicer (and i love thinner's aftereffect.. but im just weird like that..)

  6. medicated oil is fong you?? :) wow! thats even better and doesn't smell that vile!!!
    ill give that a go! :)

  7. thats a good tip! great for when we're travelling cos lighter fluid doesn't travel well! :)
    thanks, hon! :)

  8. YES! i hate that!! :) that and jam jars which i recycle to hold flowers!!

  9. yeap! but ur method seems neater to remove the labels once and for all!

  10. awesome
    surfed by randomly and i LOVE this tip. I hate the sticky bits left over from price tags and i refuse to touch anything with leftover sticky bits which drives the husband crazy.
    right now, i'm off to empty out his lighter fluid (wonder if he'll get more mad with this bit or my obsession with 'i cant touch those sticky bits')
    great tip and thanks!

  11. Re: awesome
    tahaha! :) hilarious!
    have fun!!


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