Tuesday, October 26, 2010

wedding sum up

one final sappy post to roundup the entire hullabaloo of a wedding and to say our final thank yous..

* we used honeyfund as our registry, recommended by  who talked me through (thanks babe!!). it was fun and easy to set up and best part is, it was freeee!! i'm generally not very comfortable with the concept of a wedding registry so we only gave the information upon request. p.s we're going to hawaii for our honeymoon!

*we stayed at the olsen on our wedding night. funniest thing is, it was so painfully chic we didn't know how to switch on our lights and we had a painting of a rat eating block cheese above our headboard. so sexxayyy it hurts!!!

*my two dresses were from dang bridal and daniel wore a classix tux from boss.. my bridal jewellery is from tiffany & co and dang gifted me my cheongsam & kua earrings. wedding heels were from christian louboutin.

*our bridesmaid & grooms-chick gifts were handmade with love by mummy. our groomsmen got polka dotted ties from bow-n-ties and pocket squares from paul smith.

*our wedding planners, anna & ellie from spellbound weddings, were great. now that i don't work for them anymore, i guess it ok for me to sing their praises. they're godsend! i highly recommend them if you're the hands off yet design-saavy bride.

*our photobooth was created by baicapture. sophia is such a charm to work with.

*our ROM photographer was joan leong, she was briliant and capture the sunshine in our ROM. our wedding photographer was yixin from picscanfly, absolutely gorgeous images!! and i've not met a more talented, humble and genuine young lady like her. her warmth and personality oozes from every image. we are extremely picky with pictures but these two ladies capture our day exactly the way we want to remember it forever. a million thanks..

* and a big thank you again to our guests, our bridal party and our family. life's just better with you around! and to my blog-pals, it has been MY pleasure to share the entire journey with you. keep reading! :)

weeeee! done and done! :)



  1. i really love your gowns! shall go check out dang studio!
    do they do package deals (ie gowns and pre-wedding/actual day wedding photoshoot(s)) or juz gowns?

  2. Hey girl, you gave me SO much inspiration for my wedding i can't thank you enough...THANK YOU!!!

  3. Whoa!
    I have seen all the stages of your wedding prep (and mind you, you had more than one) and each time, it knocks my breath out.
    Love love.
    P.S: The song is perfect!

  4. I loved shooting your wedding. It was filled so much love and the amount of effort you put into it was amazing. I admire the relationship you have with Daniel and really wish you guys a lifetime of neverending happiness.

  5. love that pic of you and jason. not sure what was the context though. was it when we congratulated you guys in our thank you speech?

  6. hahaha!!! my pleasure! :) i just cant imagine who else in this world would sit through my incessant wedding ramblings! :)

  7. yeah! they do packages! and their list of photographers are awesome too! :)
    when you see daphne/dang send me love to them! :)

  8. thanks heaps, joan! i could go on saying thanks for our whole life! :)
    we really love our pictures! we still go back (after a year) and look at them with fond memories! :)

  9. Re: Whoa!
    ahahah!!! :) thanks love! your comments and suggestions mean the world to me.
    and yixin picked our song for us cos we were too indecisive! :) turned out perfect! :)
    p.s. did you manage to find envelope stickies?

  10. Re: Whoa!
    Yea I did find it.
    Got it for free from my search in google images.
    Thanks darlz.
    And etsy is addictive. I found so many cute lil thingamajings. Things I don't have use for but want dearly.

  11. thanks for the info babe! =)
    ok doks will do! they know you as zhing?

  12. Re: Whoa!
    good on you! :) sometimes thats the best way!! must be resourceful!!! there are heaps of downloadables for free out there in the internet! :)
    i know what you mean. i can see i opened a WHOLE can of worms there! happy shopping. xx

  13. yes love! :) do call and make an appointment before you pop by, they're not a walk in boutique! :)
    have a blast! :)

  14. happy for you!
    lovely, dear.- ah fenz

  15. Re: happy for you!
    thanks darling.. im looking forward to yours..
    and i think i speak on behalf of all the girls! :)


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